Meet the SOL Instructors!

Our SOL Yoga mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyBODY to practice yoga. Fostering a positive and supportive yoga community for all levels and all ages. We offer yoga classes and workshops for all levels.

Belinda Fleming

Vinyasa + Aerial Yoga + Yin

Belinda was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an  RYT-500 registered yoga teacher and Founder of SOL Yoga Studio. She has a passion for teaching yoga and a mindful approach to healthy living. She has spent her life nurturing and caring for others. Belinda is a Registered Nurse with many years experience in critical care.

She began consistently practicing yoga in 2008 and then obtained certification as RYT-200 in 2014 at OnlYoga in Atlanta under John Meredith. Belinda completed her RYT-300 certification at Dorje Yoga under Jessie Fletcher. Additionally, she is certified in Thai Yoga Massage and Bodywork under Michael Stizer and certified in Aerial Yoga under Vita Lo Fria at Vita-Prana Yoga. Belinda has completed Bridge to Lotus Flow certification under Dana Trixie Flynn & Ali Cramer and Super Sequencing at Laughing Lotus in New York.

Prior to becoming a lover of all things yoga, Belinda completed several marathons including New York, Chicago and Boston raising several thousands of dollars for Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital for cancer research. She is also a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader.

Join Belinda for a class at SOL Yoga where you will find her cultivating vulnerability and openness that comes straight from the heart!

Julie Hawkins


As a hiker, runner, & personal trainer, Julie was introduced to yoga in 2010 as a compliment to her active lifestyle. In 2013, after the loss of her mother, Julie began to develop a consistent personal practice. She quickly realized that she wanted to gain a greater understanding of this ancient practice. In 2015 she enrolled in Jessie Fletcher’s Dorje Yoga 200RYT program and recently completed her 500hr.

Julie is committed to not only making the practice accessible to every body type, but to also provide her students with the tools to use this practice to navigate through all the obstacles that life will continue to throw our way.

Jessie Blowers

Vinyasa + Yin

Jessie Blowers first discovered yoga as a teenager, and she quickly fell in love with the peace and serenity she found during class. Fifteen years later she still makes discoveries in her practice everyday and loves that after so many years of learning, yoga always finds a way to teach her something new about herself. Driven by the belief that anyone can find a style of yoga that compliments their life, Jessie is inspired to help people discover peace, flexibility, balance, and strength through their own personal practice. In 2017 she earned her 200 hour RYT with Be Yoga and is honored and excited to share the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that yoga has to offer.

Christina Rodriguez

Vinyasa + Yin

With a background in social work and a long history of public service as a research administrator, Christina approaches teaching yoga from a place of service and she is dedicated to providing a safe space in her classes for ALL individuals at all levels of experience. While she strives to offer engaging, intelligent and challenging sequences in her classes, she ultimately hopes that the asana practice will facilitate greater awareness for students on and off the mat. Christina first came to yoga to ease back pain from scoliosis and she has experienced firsthand yoga’s ability to heal and center. Christina obtained her 200hr RYT certification from Be Yoga and she considers it an honor and privilege to share yoga with others.

When she isn’t teaching yoga or assisting researchers in obtaining grant funding to address health disparities and food insecurity, she’s busy being a wife and mom (undoubtedly her favorite job!).

Kyler Brady

Vinyasa + Yin

Kyler’s yoga journey began as a focus on the physical practice, but she quickly realized that yoga was way more than a sequence of poses. Her own experience of yoga is what led her to teaching 5 years ago. She is a 200-hour yoga teacher registered under Yoga Alliance. To name a few, she has trained with Atlanta local teachers such as Annelise Lonider and Meryl Arnett as well as Laughing Lotus teachers such as Dana Flynn and Ali Cramer. Yoga allows Kyler to have and to cultivate these flashes of understanding and compassion that communicate a fierce truth. With this practice and understanding, she’s able to connect better with herself and the world around her.

Kyler’s practice has been powerful and healing. Her definition of yoga is creativity, clarity, and a living art. Since she has developed her craft of teaching yoga, she has had a humbling and empowering experience. She leans towards Vinyasa and Yin-style classes with a creative and purposeful intention. Kyler teaches yoga in hopes of bringing tools to others that will help bring clarity, compassion, and understanding in their lives.

Paige Hinton


Hi, I’m Paige Hinton and I love sharing my passion for yoga with women and men who need a physical, mental and spiritual boost. When I started practicing yoga I was a professional dancer in NYC who was looking for another ”workout” to stay skinny. But here’s what I found: yoga became a spiritual journey and my sweaty workout; staying fit and strong and a new appreciation for my body.

My training in vinyasa yoga, my experience teaching since 2009, background as a professional dancer, meditation practice, Bachelors’ degree in Holistic Nutrition and spiritual studies have allowed me to guide people on and off the mat to healing their mind/body/spirit, living fuller and happier lives in a body that they absolutely love.  I completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus in New York under Ali Cramer and Dana Trixie Flynn.

I’m known for the insights, playfulness, and compassion for people of all types, sense of humor and deep love for yoga. I bring unique guidance and teaching style to my students to facilitate their transformation and class experience.

With my dance background, I teach an inspiring class playing with the creativity of yoga while focusing on correct alignment of the poses.

Ready for down dog? Let’s go!