Studio Etiquette

SOL Yoga recommends pre-registering for all classes. SOL Yoga is open to everyone and seeks to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere to encourage opportunities to honor the body, mind and spirit while promoting transformation on the 8 limbed path of yoga.

Please use the Mindbody App on your phone to allow easy booking and payment for classes or access our website: and click schedule. Monthly unlimited memberships must be purchased on this website (click Rates) or in the studio. We offer affordable rates including our new student special, monthly memberships and drop-in rates which include use of our yoga mats and props.

Studio Etiquette is important to everyone. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before class, bring your yoga mat, and if you prefer, bring a water bottle and a towel. Go easy on fragrances to be considerate of others. Respect our SOL Yoga community by being on time and entering the Yoga Studio quietly and make space for others as needed. Please let your Yoga Teacher know before class begins if you have an injury or any special needs.

Classes start on time and we do lock the studio doors to ensure safety during classes.

Leave your shoes, cell phones and personal belongings, handbags, etc. in tin the Lobby cubbies. No Cell Phones allowed in the yoga studios. Observe in silence the final savasana at the end of each class. Spend time in the lobby before and after class getting to know all of the AMAZING Yogis at SOL!

Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga class involves using a silk hammock for support during your yoga practice. Aerial yoga builds strength and flexibility, as well as proprioception. The students will spend time on the floor as well as in the hammock. This class focuses on safety and proper alignment while using the hammock as a prop for creating space in the body and decompressing the spine while suspended/supported in the hammock. Inversions will be introduced. Class ends with savasana in the hammock. We offer basic/open level classes, which are great for beginners starting their aerial journey. For those who are looking to further their aeiral practice, we also have intermedite classes that focus on more difficult poses and inversions.  (60 minutes)

Heated Vinyasa Hot Yoga

This Heated Vinyasa HOT Yoga class will build endurance, burn calories and release toxins in the body. This is a faster paced class than Hot Basics and is definitely challenging. Dynamic vinyasa sequencing including Sun Salutations, chaturangas, inversions and arm balances. Room temperature is 94 degrees. Our Infrared Heating system radiates sun-like warmth to your body and gently increases blood circulation and rids the body of toxins.All levels welcome but may require some modification for beginners. (60-75 minute classes)

SOL Beginner Introduction to Yoga

This class focuses on yoga fundamentals. Designed for brand new yoga students. We will cover: yoga philosophy, pranayama breathing, basic asanas and proper alignment in these poses. Students will learn Sun Salutations and Classic Namaskara, along with basic vinyasa sequences. Beginners. Open to all levels.  Monday 6:30 p.m. (75 minutes)

Vinyasa Flow Unheated

Unheated Vinyasa flow class begins with a warm-up, vinyasa sequencing and ends with savasana. Vinyasa encourages you to connect your breath to the movement of the body. The class does not follow a set sequence and may be different poses from week to week. Focuses on increasing your flexibility, strength and balance while bringing calmness to the mind. All levels. (60-75 minutes classes)

Yin/Deep Stretching Yoga

Yin/Deep Stretching class targets the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia. The postures are generally held for 3 to 5 minutes to achieve more flexibility in the joints and connective tissue of the body. Yin is a wonderful complement to an active lifestyle in order to increase mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips. This class is calming and balancing to the mind and body and regulates energy in the body for deeper relaxation lowering stress levels.
All levels. (75 minutes)

Heated 26+2

This class includes 26 yoga poses always sequence in the same order. Class begins with pranayama breathing technique, followed by standing poses, floor poses and a closing pranayama breathing technique. Heated. All levels  (75 minutes).

VinYin Gentle Flow

This class is provides gentle movement connected to the breath/prana and transitions into seated yin poses and ends with savasana. Beginners welcome. All levels. (75 minutes)

Yoga for Back Care

In this class, we explore a range of yoga postures to offer a preventative approach to maintaining a healthy back and alleviate discomfort caused by the effects of poor posture or sedentary lifestyle. Yoga postures promote better body alignment and posture, stronger muscle strength, increased self-awareness and more resilient mental and physical capacities. Beginners welcome. All levels class. (75 minutes)

Restorative Yin

Restorative yin class is designed to be a slow, grounding practice utilizing lots of props including pillows or bolsters, blankets and blocks. This class encourages you to settle into each post for extended time periods (8-15 minutes) passively. It is completely opposite of the yang style of yoga classes. The practice of restorative yoga aids in relaxation of the body and the mind. Postures are designed to be gentle and supportive. This practice allows students to activate the parasympathetic nervous system leading to deep relaxation. All levels. (75 minutes)

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