SOL Yoga Studio

Welcome to SOL Yoga!
Our SOL Yoga mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyBODY to practice yoga. Fostering a positive and supportive yoga community for all levels and all ages. We offer yoga classes and workshops for beginner and intermediate level students.

Vinyasa Flow, Heated Vinyasa, Yin and Aerial Yoga classes are weekly offerings at SOL Yoga.

SOL Student of the Month

Lauren Alexander


Congrats to our amazing yogi, Lauren Alexander!  She is our SOL Student of the Month!  We are so grateful for all the ways you  contribute to our yoga community!


“I had practiced yoga off and on for years but until I joined Sol Yoga in September 2018, I had never practiced consistently. Being at Sol for over a year now has made a tremendous difference in my physical and mental well being. I was having chronic back and hip problems that landed me in physical therapy. After seven months of consistent practice, physical therapy decided I didn’t need to come anymore, but I did need to keep up the yoga!

I love the community at Sol. All of the instructors are so encouraging and remind you consistently that yoga is much more than getting into certain “Instagramable” poses, it is a journey of the body and mind. I am incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful community to practice with!”

— Lauren Alexander