Meet the SOL Teachers!

Our SOL Yoga mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyBODY to practice yoga. Fostering a positive and supportive yoga community for all levels and all ages. We offer yoga classes and workshops for all levels.
Patti Agatston

Patti Agatston

Vinyasa Flow + Yin Yoga

Patti is a RYT 200 and a Licensed Professional Counselor who serves as the Coordinator of Crisis Response for the Cobb County School District. She began her practice of yoga 7 years ago and was amazed at how beneficial it was to her both personally and professionally. She recognized that in our distracted and reactive world, coming back to the mat provided the centering many of us crave.

She completed her yoga teacher training at Sol Yoga in the spring of 2019, and pursued certification as a Y12SR space holder so that she could share the yoga of 12 step recovery with anyone impacted by addiction.
Patti is past-President of the International Bullying Prevention Association and has led a yoga session at its conference emphasizing the importance of self-care. She loves hiking and traveling with her husband and is thrilled when her adult sons can join them.

Kyler Brady

Vinyasa Flow + Yin Yoga

Kyler’s yoga journey began in 2012 in order to combat the challenges of being a college-student. As her practice deepened, she developed a more profound connection to the practice by connecting to not only the physical practice of yoga, but to the entire philosophy of yoga. As she became more and more inspired by the therapeutic powers of a mind, body, breath and soul practice, she became a yoga teacher in 2014 to assist others to find their yogic path too.

Kyler’s mission as a yoga teacher is to create a space that will allow her students to connect to the yoga practice whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually, or energetically. She thrives on being accessible to every student to help invite inner awareness by moving out the clutter in the mind. She loves helping her students move closer towards their inner truth and purpose. Kyler teaches creative and rhythmic vinyasa classes and yin classes. She incorporates fun and playful transitions and shapes in her classes because, after all, this practice is all about getting to know oneself on a deeper level while being creative.

She is also the founder of Aim True Yoga, which creates scholarship funding for the LGBTQ+ community designed to help them attend yoga retreats to support healing and truth-speaking. Sol Yoga is a partner with Aim True Yoga to support the mission and funding for the Aim True LGBTQ+ community.

Leyla Christopher

Vinyasa Flow + Yin Yoga
Leyla discovered yoga a little over 10 years ago as many people do, a way to combat the stress of work. As her practiced deepen, so did the belief she should be teaching yoga. She received her 200 hour certification from Sacred Thread Yoga and has continued the path of learning with advance training in Alignment/ Adjustments, Yin, Restorative and Nidra. Leyla is a dedicated student of yoga; she is always exploring new teachers, ancient beliefs, and styles of yoga. Leyla is a vinyasa based teacher. Her classes are intention focused and inspirational. While her voice will soothe you, she will challenge you and certainly empower you. Inspired by her own yogic journey, her creative flows and playlist vary as do the intentions.  She loves to offer hands on adjustments and encouraging words. When not exploring yoga, she very often is traveling, making art, or spending times with friends, family and of course, her cute pup Sass.

Samantha Clayton

Aerial Yoga

In 2017, Samantha surprised her husband with a date night doing something they had never heard of – aerial yoga. Samantha fell in love! She found a local studio and started taking all the aerial classes she could. Being inverted and climbing up in the fabric is her favorite part of class. It’s so freeing, and a fun way to work on your core and upper body strength.

Samantha enjoys sharing this love of aerial with her young daughter, who is constantly asking to be in Mommy’s hammock! She completed her aerial yoga teacher training through Launch Awareness’ certification. She enjoys teaching as well as continuing her own practice. Outside the studio, Samantha lives a zero waste friendly lifestyle. She enjoys photography, traveling, reading, and is a background actor.

Katie Esguerra

Vinyasa + Yin + Y12SR

Hi, I’m Katie.

Yoga found me 15 years ago when I thought I needed it most. As it turns out, I need my yoga practice more and more every day! In the beginning yoga was something very private to me; it was space I needed to be myself. I slowly began to realize that yoga doesn’t begin and end on the mat…it spills into your life and changes YOU, everything about you. My daughters are young, but yoga is already a big part of who they are. They are strong and grounded and whimsical and free. This life is their chance to grow and discover and LOVE…and they are taking their chance!

Maybe they will be teaching at SOL someday, too!

In spring of 2019 I completed my 200 hour YTT at SOL Yoga under Belinda Fleming…there are no words for my teacher, she is a gift. Inspired by a dear friend and beautiful yogi, in January 2020 I completed my Y12SR training under Nikki Myers…my teacher is light.

To all the yogis out there…my wish for you is that you let your journey begin ❤

Belinda Fleming

Vinyasa + Aerial Yoga + Yin

Belinda was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an  RYT-500 registered yoga teacher and Founder of SOL Yoga Studio. She has a passion for teaching yoga and a mindful approach to healthy living. She has spent her life nurturing and caring for others. Belinda is a Registered Nurse with many years experience in critical care.

She began consistently practicing yoga in 2008 and then obtained certification as RYT-200 in 2014 at OnlYoga in Atlanta under John Meredith. Belinda completed her RYT-300 certification at Dorje Yoga under Jessie Fletcher. Additionally, she is certified in Thai Yoga Massage and Bodywork under Michael Stizer and certified in Aerial Yoga under Vita Lo Fria at Vita-Prana Yoga. Belinda has completed Bridge to Lotus Flow certification under Dana Trixie Flynn & Ali Cramer and Super Sequencing at Laughing Lotus in New York.

Prior to becoming a lover of all things yoga, Belinda completed several marathons including New York, Chicago and Boston raising several thousands of dollars for Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital for cancer research. She is also a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader.

Join Belinda for a class at SOL Yoga where you will find her cultivating vulnerability and openness that comes straight from the heart!

Allison Ford

Yin Yoga + Kids Yoga
Allison Ford turned to yoga after many years of being a strict athlete. She began dance and competitive sports at a young age, moving on to play as a top-level athlete, playing for the Women’s Professional Football League as a wide-receiver. After many years of wear, she sustained a back injury, causing her to find an alternative solution following surgery. She turned to both yoga and dance in order to find new healing for her back and discovered her love for yoga in that exploration.  As a competitive athlete, she gained a new perspective with yoga and found a new honor for the body and mind. From there, she got certified as a yoga instructor and soon she created two unique student programs: One focusing on meditation and breath techniques for high stakes writing and testing, and the other on yoga for athletes which focuses on stretching, movement, and guided meditation for high performance goals.  Her ultimate goal is to spread the practice of yoga and meditation from the studio to the classroom setting, and beyond.  She had been a featured speaker and instructor for TEDx Women, Women’s Empowerment Expo, Junior Achievement Annual Youth Conference, Yoga Fun Day and more.

Paige Hinton

Vinyasa Flow
Hi, I’m Paige Hinton and I love sharing my passion for yoga with women and men who need a physical, mental and spiritual boost. When I started practicing yoga I was a professional dancer in NYC who was looking for another ”workout” to stay skinny. But here’s what I found: yoga became a spiritual journey and my sweaty workout; staying fit and strong and a new appreciation for my body. My training in vinyasa yoga, my experience teaching since 2009, background as a professional dancer, meditation practice, Bachelors’ degree in Holistic Nutrition and spiritual studies have allowed me to guide people on and off the mat to healing their mind/body/spirit, living fuller and happier lives in a body that they absolutely love.  I completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus in New York under Ali Cramer and Dana Trixie Flynn. I’m known for the insights, playfulness, and compassion for people of all types, sense of humor and deep love for yoga. I bring unique guidance and teaching style to my students to facilitate their transformation and class experience. With my dance background, I teach an inspiring class playing with the creativity of yoga while focusing on correct alignment of the poses. Ready for down dog? Let’s go!

Tatiana Cicchelli

Vinyasa and Yin

Tatiana is an E-RYT 500 hour yoga teacher and podcaster. Combining divine feminine exploration, anatomy, and physical therapy, Tati’s classes are designed to put you closer in touch with your most authentic self; free from expectations or external pressures. Incorporating spirituality, anatomical insight, energy work, and powerful flows, each one joins asana, mudras, and meditation, while holding space for self-discovery. 

Fun, sweaty, and energetic her vinyasa classes tap into the body’s strength and intuitive intelligence. Her yin classes are a place of quiet stillness and her prenatal classes are a mixture of community and yoga therapy.

She lives in Marietta with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.


Lauren Myrick

Aeriel Yoga
Lauren discovered aerial silks over 10 years ago, which led her to performing professionally with ELEMENT circus and event entertainment. Having taught preschool gymnastics from a young age, Lauren knew she had a passion for teaching. She went on to teach aerial silks at a couple local studios where she had the opportunity to attend the Aircat Aerial fabric teacher training, become TRX and Barre Above certified, and complete Launch Awareness’ aerial yoga certification. After graduating in 2016 with a B.S. in Psychology, Lauren felt uncertain about her future and wanted to feel grounded. She found herself at the Goddess Garden in Costa Rica where she completed her RYT-200 under Marianne Wells. Then life happened and Lauren moved to Leeds, England where she received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. During her community mental health placement Lauren saw the impact stress and anxiety has on people’s lives, which led her to attend a yoga and anxiety training at Yoga London under Jess Leitch. Join Lauren for aerial yoga where she strives to create a fun and supportive environment for people to take their practice to new heights!
Kasi Reilly

Kasi Reilly

Buti Yoga
Kasi Reilly and loves sharing movement, because movement truly heals. Her love of movement started an early age with ballet and contemporary dance, and along the way, she has ran marathons, kick boxed, weight trained, and much more. Kasi stumbled upon yoga fifteen years ago under the instruction of Steven Metz and fell in love with his vinyasa classes – connecting breath and movement. Kasi then became a 200 registered yoga teacher, and began teaching vinyasa yoga, barre classes, as well as personal training. Buti Yoga fell into Kasi’s lap 5 years ago. For her, it was the perfect fusion of yoga, kundalini yoga, chakra balancing, and dance. She immediately fell in love, and she enjoys teaching the dynamic style of Buti yoga, and is so honored to be part of Sol Yoga.