Welcome our new instructor~

20 + 1 things about one of our amazing yoga teachers, Bill Herderich. Join him on the mat for meditation, yin and crystal bowl sound immersion yoga classes at Sol.

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1.Aviation has been my lifelong passion. I hold both a private pilot’s license for airplanes and sailplanes. I have achieved remarkable heights while soaring sailplanes, exceeding 16,000 feet, and have experienced flights lasting over five hours.
2.I’ve actively participated in cross-country races within the aviation community.
3.I have a degree in aeronautical engineering from Embry-Riddle University in Daytona, FL.
4.I enjoy windsurfing, rowing, and backpacking, and I’m a member of the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club.
5.Weight has been a lifelong challenge for me, and I understand the realities of practicing yoga without having a perfect body. Specifically, forward folds and Twisted Chair pose can be physically demanding for me, making it difficult to breathe comfortably.
6.I’ve been a longtime member and volunteer for Southeast Greyhound Adoption (SEGA). My wife and I currently have two greyhounds (and a Belgian Tervuren Sheepdog).
7.I ran a half marathon in 1993 (1:34) and a full marathon in 2009 (4:41).
8.I donated 14 inches of my hair to charity after not cutting it for three years!
9.I grew up in Upstate NY and enjoyed outdoor activities at our camp on the Great Sacandaga Lake Reservoir.
10.I prefer warmer climates and settled in Atlanta after college.
11.I met my wife Shanna (pronounced like 🍌) in the Lockheed B-2 parking lot in 1986. We got married three years later.
12.As a child, I enjoyed unconventional sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly with liverwurst, sometimes with chips and pickles.
13.I love cooking and am a fan of Alton Brown, e.g., ginger snap cookies 👨‍🍳.
14.All my grandparents emigrated from Germany in the 1920s, and I embrace my German heritage.
15.I repaired a Lockheed L-1011 in Japan for three months and have visited nine European countries.
16. I had a mystical experience a few years ago which opened my mind to explore consciousness and spirituality beyond the physical realm.
17. Material possessions hold less meaning for me now, and I focus on new experiences and helping others.
18. I’m an introverted individual, often quiet but with a constantly active mind. Stepping in front of a yoga class pushes me beyond my comfort zone, yet I can sense personal growth with each experience.
19. Minivans are my favorite & I don’t even have kids … versatile vehicles, offering space for people, dogs, and cargo at a reasonable cost.
20. My picture appeared in the National Enquirer twice, holding wreckage from JFK Jr.’s accident investigation.
21. Yoga is primarily for my mental and spiritual well-being, with physical benefits as a bonus.  I am grateful for the support and guidance of fellow yoga teachers and students who contribute to my journey.
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