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Meet Patti Agatston

Here’s 20 things about Patti Agatston, advocate and Sol Yoga Teacher:

  1. I will be married 35 years in October and have two adult sons.
  2. I asked my husband out on our first date. He said no!  (He asked for a raincheck!)
  3. I had the school record for the fastest female 50 yard dash when I was in middle school. That was a LONG time ago! 
  4. I graduated from FSU for undergrad.  
  5. I grew up in South Carolina but have lived in Georgia for more than 30 years.
  6. When I was pregnant with my first son I was in a commercial for the Oprah Winfrey Show!
  7. Yoga both kept me sane and helped me grow during a very challenging time in my life. A big part of my journey was (and is) to detach and let go.
  8. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor and believe that yoga is incredibly helpful for our mental health. 
  9. I am a trainer in Restorative Practices – the restorative justice kind, not the restorative yoga kind! Although I love restorative yoga too.  
  10. I had a room makeover on HGTV during their early days!
  11. I didn’t begin a regular yoga practice until I turned 50. (You are never too old!)
  12. I love to sing when I’m alone in the car.  Sometimes I dance too!  
  13. I’m a pescatarian (eat fish) but mostly vegetarian.
  14. I co-authored a book and a curriculum on cyberbullying prevention.
  15. I met Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia of Sweden (because they were advocates for bullying prevention).
  16. My paternal grandfather lived to be 99 and my paternal grandmother lived to be 101 – here’s hoping!
  17. I have done one silent meditation retreat and hope to do many more.
  18. I just rescued my third dog (Daisy) from a shelter. Check back with me on how it’s going . . .
  19. I love hiking and am hoping to visit all of the national parks some day.
  20. Grand Teton National Park is my favorite – so far!
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