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Meet Aaron Brooks Pareigis

Meet Aaron Brooks Pareigis, Sol Yoga Teacher and Yoga Beast

20 things about Aaron:

1. I have a twin brother

2. I was the Big Bad Wolf in the kindergarten play

3. My partner, also Aaron, called me his yoga beast, which is where I came up with AYogaBeast

4. I experienced spiritual confirmation of my Higher Power, after reciting my Joppa mantra 🕉 the first time I completed it.

5. The fastest way for me to achieve “surrender” is by playing Sudoku on my IPad.

6. Early in my yoga I heard that those who practiced “dedication” or dedicated their practice to their HP had the most beautiful practices, so that became the basis of my asana and now the rest of my teaching.

7. My favorite color is maroon

8. Tracey Chapman’s first album was my first music purchase

9. At age 12 I would walk from my home town 3mi, take the bus to Braintree 45 minutes away (outside Boston) Jump on the T to Harvard Square, spend the day and return home. No one  ever knew.

10. I came out of the closet my first week of college (September 96)

11. I had my first drink July 4th 97

12. I had my last drink February 28, 2014

13. The day I came out to my father, he said “I thought it would matter but it doesn’t!”

14. My partner and I met at Backstreet Atlanta

15. I’ve been practicing the Life Coaching techniques of Tony Robbins since 2004.

16. I used to manage the OK Cafe

17. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry since my first job at 12 years old.

18. My first dogs name was Duncan

19. I have difficulty reading so every book I read is written in (so never let me borrow a book)

20. At the beginning of the Great recession I bought four chickens, the last one left us just before the pandemic. When the pandemic began I bought for chickens. I’m a little bit of a prepper !
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