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Meet Katie Esguerra

Get to know a little more (20 things to be exact) about yoga teacher, Katie Esguerra and her bright sou{u}l .


1. I always have a local, hand-poured candle burning in my kitchen. The scent right now is called Happily Ever After.

2. I LOVE peanut M&Ms.

3. My favorite quote is from Mother Teresa…”If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

4. During YTT, my brother would come over to my house, so I could practice teaching my sequence. After I completed my training, he told me that yoga wasn’t for him but that was very proud of me.

5. I am the youngest of 4.

6. My daughters and I have a “cookie and coffee” date once a week at Daily Grind.

7. All my life, I have never met someone with the same birthday as me…until I made a new friend at SOL. We were friends for months before we realized we were born on the exact same day!

8. My husband, daughters, and I are huge F1 fans…we especially love when the announcer says “And it’s lights out!” at the beginning of a race.

9. I learned how to cut the grass in 2020 while my husband was sick with covid.

10. I believe in the magic of Disney World.

11. I am struggling with my triangle pose right now, and I can’t figure out why.

12. I prefer the sunset over the sunrise.

13. My most favorite asana is prasarita padottanasana…warrior 3 is a very close second.

14. My family and I love to pick out pumpkins…even our dog gets to pick one out!

15. When I do my asana practice, I like the music loud and the room HOT

16. My intention for 2022 is Balance; I rely heavily on the 4th chakra for this

17. Sometimes I forget to move past my root chakra; for me, I think being a mom during this time has increased my sense/need for grounding energy; I want to create a safe, secure place in this world for my girls.

18. A couple of months ago I was having a lot of pain in my right foot.  My doctor told me I have arthritis and 3 bone spurs….WHAT?!?!?  How am I old enough for that?!?!?

19. I am shy.

20. Mascara can fix A LOT!

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