SOL Student of the Month: Bill Herderich

bill herderich

Congrats to our amazing yogi, Bill Herderich!  He is our SOL Student of the Month!  We are so grateful for all the ways you  contribute to our yoga community!


“My yoga journey started around June of 2019. I was Googling for something to relieve the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression and noticed yoga was recommended. I had no idea what yoga was about, other than a distant childhood recollection of a yoga program on PBS (Turns out this was “Lilias, Yoga and You” back when you actually had to get off the sofa to select one of only four channels).

Google maps showed a yoga studio less than two miles from my house called SOL Yoga. I clicked on the web site and read everything. I was still unsure if yoga was for me or even if it would help, particularly for someone solidly over the half century mark with not the best physical conditioning. One thing that resonated though was the part that said “Our SOL Yoga mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyBODY to practice yoga. Fostering a positive and supportive yoga community for all levels and all ages.

After thinking about it (procrastinating?), I decided I had nothing to lose and signed up for a two week beginners special. My first class was “SOL Beginner Introduction to Yoga” on July 8 with Paige. Over the next two weeks I committed to trying every type of class offered at least once. Yeah, I felt a bit confused and uncoordinated, but after two weeks I felt good enough about the experience to try another three months.

Three months turned into over seven. I’m now averaging at least four classes each week between Yin, hot and cold Vinyasa, Aerial, Meditation, workshops and special events. I still may have trouble with some poses from time to time (looking at you Pigeon, Eagle Wrap, Goddess…), but the feelings of confusion and being uncoordinated are gone. They’ve been replaced with acceptance that some practices and poses are better than others. Plus, there are always more challenging poses to try, so I don’t get bored (I’m hoping to nail a handstand before I’m 60).

So, for me, yoga has provided a safe place to escape the stress of life. The instructors give helpful encouragement about leaving all our worries outside the studio. When I immerse myself in the practice, all my cares seem to vanish. I look forward to each class, and no matter how bad I may feel before, by the end of class I always feel so much better. That keeps me coming back.”

— Bill Herderich

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