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Meet Paige Hinton

Sol Yoga’s very own Wonder Woman…Paige Hinton shares 20 things about her to help you get to know her better:

1. The loves of my life are my Boston Terrier dogs Hosu and Taz.

2. I was a dancer and dance captain of the Broadway musical Footloose.

3. I was in a commercial with a monkey named Jonah. Never work with animals, they steal the show.

4. I loved mayonnaise sandwiches when I was younger. I know. GROSS.

5. My favorite food is??? Chocolate, sweet potato casserole and watermelon. I can’t choose just one.

6. I love reading cookbooks and looking at the pictures. I’m obsessed.

7. I love to cook.

8. I can’t watch movies with subtitles; it drives me crazy.

9. My favorite time of the day is morning time. I love the energy, quietness and stillness of the early morning.

10. If you catch me watching TV (which is rare) it most likely will be the Big Bang Theory. I can’t stop laughing.

11. I meditate every day.

12. I love watching info commercials. I’m a sucker for that stuff.

13. Is frosting a food group? Who needs the cake part. When I was younger I asked for the corner part of a cake in order to get more frosting.

14. I was born in Alabama but raised as a Georgia Peach.

15. I’m brilliant at math…ha ha ah…just kidding. What’s 2 + 2?

16. Growing up I was determined to be a Charlie’s Angel or Wonder Woman.

17. Long walks in nature are the medicine to what ails me.

18 I’ve been practicing yoga since 1997.

19. I never thought I would teach yoga I wasn’t interested, but when I chose to leave the entertainment business, I knew teaching yoga was my next path in life.

20. I walk around my house and will randomly lift up in a handstand to flip my world upside down.

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