Meet Sydney Roth

Sharing more fun facts about Sol Yoga teachers.

Read on to learn 20 things about Sydney and a little more about what drives her so{u}l:

1. I grew up being a Nancy Drew super fan and still cherish my Nancy Drew books and collectables today.

2. I love baking desserts, muffins, and sourdough bread.

3. I found yoga as a way to support my body with other hobbies and care for my body to deal with a chronic illness.

4. I have a tendency to jump from hobby to hobby, but yoga really *stuck* and became a sacred part of my life.

5. I started a small handmade skincare and cosmetic business in college.

6. I adopted a shaggy rough coat Jack Russell Terrier in 2015 and he’s been causing mischief since.

7. I married my “college sweetheart” (who I actually knew in high school) at age 20, before finishing college.

8. My favorite thing about teaching is giving people a chance to feel relaxed and good in their bodies. ♥️

9. I was a seamstress and clothing designer as a child and even made dresses for the Make a Wish Foundation and won Young Fashion Designer Under Age 13 in GA one year.

10. I am a (currently out of practice) pole athlete/dancer. I grew up doing ballet/jazz but found pole as an adult and love how body positive it is!

11. I have recently become very interested in yoga history.

12. My favorite color has always been purple.

13. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

14. I love spicy foods, especially Asian/south Asian veggie dishes.

15. I am a relatively new plant mom and am enjoying learning as I go. 🪴

16. I recently started a YouTube channel where I teach yoga and talk about living (and trying to thrive) with chronic illness.

17. Originally, vinyasa drew me into yoga, but now I enjoy yin even more than vinyasa.

18. While I am a big clothing lover, I try to combat fast fashion by buying (mostly) secondhand.

19. I LOVE board games, especially cooperative and strategic ones!

20. My best friend Lily and I go on a “girls trip” every year and try to find a ghost tour everywhere we go.👻

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